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"The girl looked at him greatfully and she, with the others, rose to her feet and to the astounding barbarity of the music performed the savage love dances of the Kassars, the Paravaci, the Kataii, the Tuchuks.

They were magnificent.

One girl, the leader of the dancers, she who had spoken to Kamachak, was a Tuchuk girl, and was particularly startling, vital, uncontrollable, wild.

It was then clear to me why the Turian men so hungered for the wenches of the Wagon Peoples.

At the height of one of her dances, called the Dance of the Tuchuk Slave Girl, Kamachak, turned to Aphris of Turia, who was watching the dance, eyes bright, as astounded as I at the savage spectical.

"I will see to it," said Kamachak, " when you are my slave, that you are taught that dance."

Nomads of Gor Pg.98-99



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